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Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) is a semiclear material that has proven invaluable in its role as tubing in dozens of industries and applications. Able to withstand extreme temperatures, FEP tubes are prized for their resistance to hazardous chemicals as well as their advanced gas permeability properties and premium UV transmission ratings. Their remarkable versatility means FEP tubes can be heat sealed, thermoformed, and laminated with other materials while maintaining their unique benefits. As a leading Teflon FEP tubing manufacturer, Tef-Cap Industries specializes in providing FEP heat shrink tubing solutions for businesses across the country.

Advantages of FEP Tubing

There are some jobs that require the special characteristics that only FEP tubing can provide. Its unique combination of high heat and chemical resistance makes FEP an effective and affordable option in all kinds of manufacturing roles. Some other beneficial properties include:

  • High thermal stability
  • Superior chemical compatibility
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties

FEP’s Role in Electrical Components

Electrical systems pose challenges to manufacturers and engineers alike. FEP maintains a low dielectric constant. That—combined with effective performance at temperatures of up to 450° Fahrenheit—make FEP tubing an ideal choice for anything involving electrical cabling and insulation. It will commonly be found as coating for telephone wires and in foamed coaxial cables as well as plenum wires. Furthermore, FEP can be manufactured as either color or clear tubing. This is particularly important in data centers and other systems where it’s necessary for an array of cables to be properly organized at all times. FEP tubing distributors can manufacture FEP tubes of extremely long length, as well, further illustrating its prevalence in data centers and offices.

The Importance of FEP’s Resistance to Chemicals

Other than gaseous fluorine, alkali metals, and a few complex halogenated compounds, FEP tubing is incredibly resistant to all kinds of chemicals. With practically zero moisture absorption and high heat resistance, it’s frequently used in circumstances where chemicals and environmental conditions are too extreme for other materials. Its nonstick properties make it very easy to clean, so it’s ideally suited for all food contact applications as well and can commonly be found in all aspects of food and beverage delivery.
If you work in an industry that requires the special advantages that FEP tubing has to offer, Tef-Cap Industries has the skilled professionals on hand to provide you with all your FEP distributor needs.

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