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Heat Shrink Dual Wall PTFE FEP Tubing

Dual Wall PTFE FEP
Dual Wall PTFE FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing is constructed with an exterior jacket of Heat Shrinkable PTFE and an inner liner of Extruded FEP. Dual Shrink PTFE FEP is designed for use in areas of high temperature, and takes advantage of an FEP inner liner that melts during shrink down. The FEP melt liner creates a seal not available with other Fluoropolymers. When shrinking, the FEP melts and flows while the heat shrink PTFE compresses and contains the material forming a solid mechanical encapsulation.
Dual Wall PTFE FEP or Dual Shrink is designed to provide a tight, moisture-proof bond over wires, cables, connectors, splices, terminals. Dual Wall material can also be used as an end cap for wires.

Old specifications such as PennTube WTF can be crossed referenced to newer part numbers such as TSSS : Standard Wall and TSSL : Light Wall.

Dual Shrink PTFE FEP Light Wall

Dual Wall PTFE/FEPMin. Supplied IDRecovered IDWall After Shrinking

Dual Shrink PTFE FEP Standard Wall

Dual Wall PTFE/FEPMin. Supplied IDRecovered IDWall After Shrinking

PTFE/FEP Encapsulation

When the most robust protection from environmental exposure is required, employ dual wall heat shrink to secure sensitive components and electrical junctions. Heat shrinkable tubing provides a tight, moisture-resistant bond over wires, cables, connectors, sensors, terminals and splices to protect them from extreme environmental conditions, including heat, corrosion, shock and moisture.

Tef Cap manufactures high-performance heat shrinkable tubing using various fluoropolymer resins. Our Dual-Wall Heat Shrink tubing is designed with the end user in mind, as we ensure secure and consistent tolerances on shrinkage to facilitate automated assembly processes.

 Dual-Wall Heat Shrink from tef Cap tubing has an outer layer of PTFE and an inner layer of FEP that offers a maximum longitudinal variation of +0%/-15% after application. When heated, the inner FEP layer melts and encapsulates the junction to eliminate voids and air channels to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The high service temperature outer PTFE layer compresses the molten FEP, creating a liquid and vapor-tight seal.

Available in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and shrink ratios, our high-performance fluoropolymer heat shrinkable tubing can be customized to meet your unique needs to ensure maximum protection, reliability and performance.

For applications and products that can not withstand the elevated temperatures need in order to shrink PTFE Tubing we have developed a dual layer system that requires a much lower temperature in order to shrink. Our Dual Wall FEP THV material will shrink and encapsulate at temperatures around 450°F. This low temperature dual shrink material allows for sensitive electronics to benefit from the protection of Fluoropolymer Tubing and its properties.

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