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If you have a business or laboratory that relies on highly corrosive chemicals, you can’t let your work suffer due to shoddy materials. In order to protect their operations from being compromised by poor plastic tubing, science and industry professionals know they can rely on high-purity PFA tubing. Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) is a fluoropolymer that shares many of the same characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene—otherwise known as PTFE or Teflon—but with a few key differences that make it the best choice when working with especially viscous or aggressive compounds. With more than 50 years of experience in providing professionals with the finest in fluoropolymer tubing, Tef-Cap Industries is the only PFA tubing manufacturer you’ll ever need.

Temperature Resistant

If you’re working in chemicals and environments that are vulnerable to wide swings in temperature, PFA tubing products are usually your best option. Whereas many materials will degrade or corrode when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, perfluoroalkoxy can operate effectively between -100° and 500° Fahrenheit without suffering any ill effects.

Pressure Resistant

A material that’s unable to withstand high pressure environments isn’t only ineffective in a lab or industrial setting, but it’s a safety hazard as well. When it comes to handling dangerous materials, nothing is superior to PFA tubing. PFA is crack resistant even under extreme degrees of force and can still be melted down and molded into whatever shape is required.

Exceptional Coefficient of Friction

Friction within a tube or container can spell disaster in a lab. With its extremely nonporous characteristics, PFA is resistant to nearly any amount of material becoming absorbed, producing an extremely low coefficient of friction. The result is more reliable experiments and production outcomes and better accumulation of data unspoiled by the side effects one encounters with unwanted inefficiencies.

Superior Electrical Properties

PFA is a highly versatile material and can provide excellent insulation for electrical wiring. Its low absorption qualities and high heat resistance combine to make perfluoroalkoxy an ideal choice for valve linings and cable coatings. Furthermore, its toughness and flexibility prevent melting and leaking under volatile conditions, so it’s applicable in a variety of circumstances that would prove too challenging for other kinds of materials.
If you’re in the business of working with volatile and hazardous materials, you can rely on the team of skilled professionals at Tef-Cap Industries to meet all your PFA tubing distributor needs.

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