1/16 High Purity PFA Industrial Wall Tubing

ItemTubing Specification
Part1/16 High Purity PFA Industrial Wall
TypeHigh Purity PFA
Mil-SpecASTM D3307-10
Fraction1/16 x 1/8
Nominal ID.063 +/- .004
Nominal OD.125 +/- .004
Wall ( ref ).030
Working Pressure (psi/73°F)594
Burst Pressure (psi/73°F)2379
Bend Radius.500
Vac. @ 73° F28
LBS Per FT.009

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Extruded Smoothbore PTFE ,FEP and PFA Fluoropolymer Tubing is manufactured to comply with : ASTM 3295, ASTM 3296, AMS 3653, AMS 3654, AMS 3655, MIL-I-22129, ASTM D2116, ASTM D3307.
Smoothbore Tubing can be produced in a variety of resins such as PTFE, FEP, PEEK, PFA, and PVDF. Manufactured in the USA.