Sealing Fluoropolymer Tubing

With over 50 years of Fluoropolymer experience that stretch back to the emergence of resins such as PTFE, FEP and PFA founder John F. Walls has pushed his employees and propelled his company to become a top competitor in the Fluoroplastic field. From simple extrusions to custom heat shrinkable FEP & PTFE Tef Cap Industries prides itself on not only being a global tubing supplier but also a one stop shop for all your Fluoropolymer secondary processes.

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Sealing Fluoropolymers

FEP Probe Cover

Sealing Teflon FEP and PFA Tubing is ideal for costly probes and sensors in harsh environments. Probe Covers offer complete protection from corrosive fluids and vapors that would otherwise destroy exposed sensors and sensor elements.

Sealed Fluoropolymers can be manufactured from a heat shrinkable or non shrinkable tube. Shrinkable covers become a semi-permanent part of the probe assembly which allow for the operator to move and reposition sensors and probes without the fear of having to install new covers with every position switch. Probe Covers are easily shrunk onto the probe assembly and can be removed simply scoring the surface of the Fluoropolymer Tubing and peeling the cover off.

Non shrinkable tubes also give you unlimited resistance to chemicals and are produced from Industrial Wall Fluoropolymer Tubing which has an wall thickness of .030 ” which makes it rugged and dependable. Non Shrinkable Covers provide a little more protection in applications where sensors are being thrown around or in machines that just do not have a gentle touch.