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Cut To Length

cutting teflon tubing

Cut To Length

Cutting tubing can be very time consuming and with most manufactures producing Heat Shrinkable material in 4 ft lengths cutting in house can be extremely wasteful and expensive. Tef Cap can produce most Heat Shrinkable FEP and PTFE products in long continuous lengths which help eliminate odd lengths making sure short pcs never go to watse.

Please contact us to get your quote on Cut to length Fluoropolymer Tubing.

With over 50 years of Fluoropolymer experience that stretch back to the emergence of resins such as PTFE, FEP and PFA founder John F. Walls has pushed his employees and propelled his company to become a top competitor in the Fluoroplastic field. From simple extrusions to custom heat shrinkable FEP & PTFE Tef Cap Industries prides itself on not only being a global tubing supplier but also a one stop shop for all your Fluoropolymer secondary processes.

Helping customers

  • Shorten down times on costly machines
  • Eliminate waste
  • Lower material and production costs
  • Improve efficiency

Most important

  • Improve your bottom line

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