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Frayed electrical wires
PTFE tubing is used to solve a wide variety of industrial repair problems, but you can also use it in your home or office to fix everyday problems like frayed wires and worn shoelaces. Keep reading to learn more.

Frayed and Frazzled

In the era of cellular technology, humanity would be doomed if not for the power cable. If you’re like most people, your devices and cables endure a lot of daily abuse. Some cables, unfortunately, become chew toys for furry friends and toddlers. The adapter head that plugs into your device receives the most wear and tear from everyday handling. The problem usually stems from cheap materials and poor quality controls at the manufacturing level. Frayed power cables can quickly become health hazards, exposing you to electric shock. Fix a frayed or exposed charging cable with shrink tubing to prevent accidental shock and fire hazards.

Get a Grip

Do you like to play sports like tennis, golf, or baseball? Do you want to improve your game without spending more money on new equipment or equipment repair? Heat shrink can help you get a better grip on your tennis racquet, clubs, bats, and other hardware. Non-slip heat shrink is specially designed to help you get a better handle on pipes and cables, but you can apply this same technology to your sporting equipment and improve your game at the same time. Repairing your favorite racquet or bat can be expensive and time-consuming. Get back in the game fast with a quick treatment of heat and a non-slip shrink tube.
Tennis racquet handle

All Tied Up

Whether you use them for hiking, jogging, work, or around the house, you have time and energy invested in breaking in your favorite pair of shoes. With proper care, they could last for several years. However, those little plastic caps on the end of your shoelaces just don’t seem to last as long as they used to. Instead of going to the store, buying more shoelaces, and then weaving them onto your favorite pair of shoes, use heat shrink wrap to fix your current laces quickly. Heat shrink wrap is available in a plethora of sizes, even some a thin as a shoelace. Remove the old plastic wrap or cut the lace just below the area. Thread the lace through the shrink tube and apply gentle heat until it shrinks to the desired size.

Silence Is Golden

Does your key ring make enough noise to wake up the whole house? Does your dog’s collar chime every time he walks across the room? Small, metallic objects have the potential to disrupt the peace in your home, but heat shrink wrap can put a damper on those annoying sounds. Cut a piece of clear tubing large enough to fit over the head of your key or dog tag. Be careful not to cover the cut portions of the key. Apply heat and use a hole punch to rethread the key or ID tag.
These are just a few creative ways to use heat shrink PFTE tubing around your home and solve everyday problems. For more idea on how to use heat wrap contact the experts at Tef-Cap.

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