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7/16 Thin Wall Heat Shrink PTFE 2:1

ItemHeat Shrink Specification
Part7/16 Heat Shrink PTFE 2:1 TW
TypeThin Wall
Expanded ID.655
Recovered ID.462
Wall.018 +/- .004
ColorNatural / Milky White
Put Up4 ft
Max. Temp.500º F

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Manufacturing Heat Shrinkable Fluoropolymer Tubing that conforms to both Military Specs: AMS-DTL-23053/12 and AMS-DTL-23053/11. Heat Shrinkable PTFE 2:1 and  4:1. Heat Shrinkable FEP 1.25:1 , 1.3:1 and 1.6:1 products. Manufactured in the USA.