PFA & FEP Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing designed and manufactured by Tef Cap is a retractable and expanding hose made from high performance, chemically inert and ultra pure FEP , PFA & PTFE Tubing.  Thermo forming will allow the coil to maintain its helical coiled shape and become retractable. Using the non stick properties of  Teflon Tubing a FEP Coiled Tube also becomes a transport for some of the most viscous fluids without fear of a line clog. Keeping its round tube like shape allows coils to have an unrestricted flow.

Retractable FEP Coiled Tubing can also be used to increase surface area and exposure time in “UV” purification systems and are manufactured from FDA compliant materials.

Tef Cap’s FEP Coiled Tubes are custom manufactured coils that are designed to meet each customers specific requirements.

FEP Coiled Tubing Applications :

Electroplating in corrosive environments

Pure Chemical Dispensers

DI Water Dispensers

DI Re-circulators

Heat Exchangers


FEP Retractable Coils from Tef Cap

Retractable FEP Coil

Retractable FEP Coils