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Convoluted FEP Tubing • Extra Flex AMS-T-81914/4

Convoluted FEP Tubing made from a clear Teflon FEP hose that is designed to meet Mil 81914/4 and engineered to be equal to that of Corrugated FEP Tubing where sharp turns and small band diameters are needed. Convoluted FEP Tubing is ideal for industries that require visible inspections of fluid transfers. FEP is an FDA approved materials and can be used in food and medical industry. Convoluted FEP Tubing ( SAE-AS81914/4 or Mil 81914/4 ) is a moderately high temperature material that has a non-stick surface, allowing easy cleaning. Mil-Spec Convoluted FEP Tubing is an excellent electrical insulator and resist most corrosive liquids including acids.


  •  Excellent UV Pass through with great optical clarity.
  • Great for longer length requirements.
  • Temperatures of up to 400°F.
  • Self Extinguishing and Non wetting.
  • FDA Compliant & USP Class VI Compliant.
  • Standard Flex Convoluted FEP Tubing • M81914/3

Extra Flex Convoluted FEP Tubing

IdentifierSizeMax. IDMin. IDMax. ODMax. WallConvo. / InchBend RadiusMil Spec 81914/4
111 1/81.1251.1051.390.02371.43081914/4-1010
121 1/41.2501.2051.539.0236.51.43081914/4-1012
131 1/21.5001.4371.832.0235.51.75081914/4-1013

Convoluted FEP Tubing per AMS-T-81914/4

Here at Tef-Cap Industries, we specialize in providing clients a range of high quality convoluted tubing products for use in aerospace, automotive, medical, military and other industries. These flexible and multi-purpose products can be used to provide insulation or harness cables, wires, fiber optics and more. For more information on applicability, customization and price, contact us.

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