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FEP Properties

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene

Tef Cap’s Thin Wall PTFE Tubing is well suited for a variety of demanding chemical, mechanical, electrical and non-stick surface applications. Conforming to Mil-I-22129, AMS 3655 and ASTM-D-3295, PTFE Tubing is rated for continuous operations from -70°C to +260°C (500°F) and will always remain flexible. Polytetrafluoroethylene is resistant to wicking, moisture absorption and contamination in harsh environments. PTFE tubing is non-toxic and will not burn in normal atmosphere at any temperature, and is chemically inert to all lubricants, solvents and reagents. Its electrical performance is excellent, offering extremely high dielectric strength and protection.

PropertiesUnits / ASTMFEP
Specific GravityD7922.15
Elongation %D638250 - 330
Tensile Strength (psi)D6382,800 - 5,000
Flexural Strength (psi)D790No Break
Compressive StrengthD6952,200
Tensile Elastic Modulus (Young's Modulus) (psi)D63850,000
Flexural Modulus 103MPa (103kgf/cm2)D79078,000 - 92,000
Flex Life (MIT cycles)D21765,000 - 80,000
Hardness Durometer Shore DD636D55
Coefficient of Friction on steel.05
Abrasion Resistance 1000 revs.Taber14 - 20
Impact Strength IZOD 73°F/23°C, notched ft/lbs/inD256No Break
Melting Point°F500
Upper Service Temperature (20,000h)°F400
Flame RatingUL 94V-O
Thermal ConductivityBTU/hr/ft2/deg °F in1.4
Linear Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionD6968.3 - 10.5
Heat of FusionBTU/LB11
Heat of CombustionBTU/LB2,200
Low Temperature Embrittlement°F-450
Dielectric ConstantD150/103Hz ( 106Hz )2.1
Dielectric Strength 10 mil filmD149>2,000
Volume Resistivity ohm-cmD257>10^18
Surface Resistivity ohm/sq.D257>10^17
Chemical/Solvent ResistanceD543Excellent
Water Absorption, 24hr / %
Deformation Under LoadD621/110°C5.0
Refractive Index1.338
Limiting Oxygen Index %>95

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