FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing • 1.6:1

FEP Heat Shrink Tubing  (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) is a low cost alternative to the 4:1 Heat Shrink PTFE Tubing. Designed with FDA and Biocompatible resins Heat Shrink FEP Tubing has excellent release properties as well as having great optical clarity. FEP 1.6:1 ( or 1.67:1 ) is manufactured with a higher than normal shrink ratio for FEP Tubing allowing it to slip over nuts, fittings and flanges so that complete assemblies do not have to be removed and taken apart. FEP Heat Shrink Tubing 1.6:1 helps reduce the down time required to apply a Heat Shrink FEP Product and Sleeving.

FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing is designed to shrink on parts that are greatly uneven in size yet still allowing for a one piece containment. FEP Heat Shrink Tubing with the high shrink ratio of 1.6:1 covers a large range of product sizes but is limited in the smaller diameter parts.

When shrinking FEP tubing generally all that is needed is a heat source that is able to generate 230F. In some situations ovens can be used but you must not put parts directly into a hot oven. Both parts and oven must be brought up to temperature at the same time. This will create a uniform shrink around the part. Convection ovens are also recommended in order to eliminate hot spots which could cause material to shrink unevenly.

Features of FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Easier to shrink than PTFE Tubing

Chemically inert

Low coefficient of friction

Flame Rating : VO Self extinguishing

Biocompatable USP Class VI Certified

Low gas and vapor permeability

Gamma and Autoclave Sterilizable

FEP Heat Shrink Tubing 1.6

SizeExpanded IDRecovered IDWall ThicknessAMS 23053/11 Class 2
3/ +/- .003AMS 23053/11-201
1/ +/- .003AMS 23053/11-202
3/ +/- .003AMS 23053/11-203
1/ +/- .003AMS 23053/11-204
3/8.375.225.012 +/- .003AMS 23053/11-205
1/2.500.300.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/11-206
3/4.750.450.020 +/- .004AMS 23053/11-207
11.000.600.025 +/- .005AMS 23053/11-208
1 1/21.500.900.030 +/- .005AMS 23053/11-209
22.0001.200.030 +/- .005AMS 23053/11-210

FEP 1.6 • Material Specification

Mil Spec : AMS-DTL-23053/11

Shrink Temperature230°F

Temperature Range-100 to 400°F

Standard Lengths4 ft and coils

Color : Translucent ( colors available )

FEP Heat Shrink Tubing / FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing 1.6:1

How To Shrink FEP

For long wires and tubes start at one end and evenly heat the surface making sure to rotate the part or the heat source so that recovery does not come completely off of one side. Rotating will give you a uniform shrink eliminating air bubbles and keeping the wall even throughout the part. If parts cannot be rotated most heat guns come with a shield or a deflector that can be used in place of rotating. Large metal parts would fare better if they can be pre heated to take the chill off of the part and warm the surface. Over heating the part will cause shrinking to occur prematurely throughout the tube and anywhere the tubing might have come into contact with the hot surface.

Over heating the FEP Tube while shrinking will cause it to crack and become brittle. If this happens the FEP will have a cloudy appearance in spots. Please keep in mind that FEP Heat Shrink Tubing will ACTUALLY sometimes grow in length during shrinking and that material will bunch and wrinkle if it is not allowed to slide and grow over the part.

Recovery Temperature

SpecificationFEPPTFEDual Wall PTFE/FEPPEEK
Expanded ID < 1.00"410°F +/- 10°662°F +/- 8° for 10 minutes625°F650°F
Expanded ID > 1.00"430°F +/- 10°662°F +/- 8° for 10 minutes625°F650°F
Mil Spec23053/1123053/12N/AN/A