PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing 4:1 • Fractional

PTFE 4:1 Fractional Heat Shrink Tubing is a high temperature Fluoropolymer that has the highest shrink ratio available among the Fluoropolymer’s. Heat Shrink PTFE Tubing offers the ultimate performance with the highest continuous working temperature. 4:1 Heat Shrink PTFE is designed for applications where hose or pipe fittngs can not be removed in order to apply the Teflon sleeve. Being able to slip the tubing over odd shaped fittings and nuts allow for quick install of a protective PTFE sleeve over machine parts with out having to break down an entire system. In addition to the many chemical and corrisive properties found in PTFE, the Thin Wall of Heat Shrink PTFE 4:1 promotes quick installation while keeping the covered tubing flexible.

PTFE 4:1 Fractional Heat Shrink Tubing’s applications include insulating, terminating, moisture sealing, splicing, and wire bundling. Colored Heat Shrink Ptfe tubing can also be a great visual for coding wires. See the Data Sheet for a summary of Heat Shrinkable PTFE Tubing & its properties.

Excellent Dielectric Insulation Properties

Temperature range up to 500 F

Lowest coefficient of friction

Shrinks at 625 F

Reduces Friction

PTFE 4:1 Fractional Heat Shrink

PTFE 4:1 Fractional Heat Shrink Tubing

SizeExpanded IDRecovered IDWall ThicknessAMS 23053/12 Class 5
5/ +/- .002AMS 23053/12-501
1/ +/- .002AMS 23053/12-502
3/ +/- .002AMS 23053/12-503
1/ +/- .002AMS 23053/12-504
5/16.312.078.012 +/- .002AMS 23053/12-505
3/8.375.096.012 +/- .002AMS 23053/12-506
7/16.438.112.012 +/- .002AMS 23053/12-507
1/2.500.144.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-508
9/16.562.155.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-509
5/8.625.178.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-510
11/16.687.198.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-511
3/4.750.224.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-512
7/8.875.244.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-513 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-514
1 1/41.250.347.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-515
1 1/21.500.400.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-516
1 3/41.750.450.015 +/- .004AMS 23053/12-517
22.000.520.020 +/- .005AMS 23053/12-518
2 1/42.250.585.020 +/- .005AMS 23053/12-519
2 1/22.500.650.020 +/- .005AMS 23053/12-520
2 3/42.750.710.020 +/- .005AMS 23053/12-521
33.000.775.020 +/- .005AMS 23053/12-522
3 1/43.250.835.020 +/- .005AMS 23053/12-523
3 1/23.500.900.025 +/- .005AMS 23053/12-524
3 3/43.750.960.025 +/-.005AMS 23053/12-525
44.0001.025.025 +/- .005AMS 23053/12-526

* Max Diameter to be covered should not exceed 75 % of the expanded ID.

Heat Shrink PTFE • Material Specifications

Mil Specifications : AMS-DTL-23053/12 CLASS 5

Shrink Temperature621°F

Temperature Range-100 to 500°F

Standard Lengths4 ft and (coils available )

Color : Translucent to Opaque / Milky White

Multi Functional High Temperature Heat Shrink Tubing

Tef-Cap Industries offers durable multi functional high temperature heat shrink tubing (4:1). Our products are manufactured to provide ultimate protection against heat, moisture, shock and other harsh environment conditions, ensuring longevity and efficient performance. Contact us for more information.

Shrinking Instructions :

PTFE Tubing is the most difficult of the fluoropolymers to shrink because of the extreme shrink temperature. The most reliable way to shrink PTFE is in a controlled oven environment. Shrinking can be accomplished with a heat gun or open flame but it is not recommended because of the tendency to overheat the area in a single area while the remainder of the material remains to cool to shrink.

Extreme caution must be exercised in heating the PTFE during the shrinking process. The PTFE Tubing must be heated evenly to the gel state to insure complete recovery. PTFE shrink tube will become completely clear when it reaches it gel state at about 624°F. After the material has reached its gel state do not continue to heat, the material is now ready to begin the cooling and shrinking phase. PTFE will start to recover once the cooling process has begun and the material comes out of its gel state. Once the material has completely cooled the PTFE’s appearance will be its normal milky white color.