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PTFE Beading

PTFE beading is a small diameter rod manufactured from a chemically resistant PTFE resin. Self-lubricating and with a low coefficient of friction, PTFE beading is ideal as a pull cord, O-ring seal, bearing, and as both a spacer and filler for cable bundles and harnesses. High-temperature PTFE beading can be found in aerospace, chemical processing, semiconductor, and automotive applications.

PTFE beading or monofilament is manufactured as a paste product which allows for long lengths when compared to granular rods. However, it can’t be machined. Teflon beading can also be manufactured from melt products, such as FEP and PFA, which will work as bonding agent.


PTFE Beading / Monofilament

BD028-PTFE.028+/- .002
BD031-PTFE.031+/- .002
BD035-PTFE.035+/- .002
BD-039PTFE.039+/- .002
BD047-PTFE.047+/- .002
BD050-PTFE.050+/- .002
BD055-PTFE.055+/- .002
BD062-PTFE.062+/- .002
BD070-PTFE.070+/- .002
BD078-PTFE.078+/- .003
BD094-PTFE.094+/- .003
BD100-PTFE.100+/- .003
BD109-PTFE.109+/- .003
BD125-PTFE.125+/- .003
BD150-PTFE.150+/- .003
BD188-PTFE.188+/- .004

PTFE Beading Specifications

  • ASTM D1710, Type 1, Grade 1, Class B
  • ASTM D3295
  • W1, UL-83 (natural)
  • FDA Compliant
  • USP Class VI Compliant

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