T8 Lay Flat Heat Shrink FEP

ItemHeat Shrink Specification
PartT-8 Lay Flat FEP
Bulb SizeT-8
Expanded ID1.100
Recovered ID.880
Wall.011 +/-. 001
Max. Temp °F400
LengthsSpooled / 20 ft min
UV Pass ThroughYes

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Heat Shrink FEP Lay Flat Tubing offers perfect UV pass through and provides an excellent layer of protection for T5 fluorescent bulbs , T8 fluorescent bulbs and T12 style fluorescent bulbs. FEP Lay Flat tubing helps contain the shattered glass in case of accidental breakage or dropping.

Please note that dimensions for Lay Flat material are based off of bulb measurements. Fluorescent tubes that use ceramic ends or caps may require a special expansion in order to fit the larger diameter of the ceramic socket. Make sure to measure the ends of your bulb.