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What You May Not Know
PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene, a synthetic fluoropolymer that has numerous applications in several industries. Tef-Cap Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing shrinkable PTFE tubing since 1986. PTFE tubing has many benefits, including superior thermal and electrical qualities, fantastic UV resistance, and the lowest coefficient of friction of any other kind of polymer. PTFE tubing was invented over 70 years ago and is still used today for numerous applications.
Being resistant to temperatures ranging from -170-260 degrees Celsius (-275-500 degrees Fahrenheit), PTFE tubing is used in 3D printing to transfer thermoplastic filaments to a nozzle’s melt zone. Filaments flow easily through the extremely slippery and smooth surface of the tubing. In chemical processing, PTFE tubes often replace carbon and metal piping because they can transfer highly acidic and corrosive chemicals used in many labs. Tef-Cap, Inc. has become a leader in the custom creation of Teflon PTFE tubing that is chemical resistant and excellent at handling fluids, because they have been in business for over fifty years.
PTFE tubing can be used as arterial and vascular grafts during surgery, catheters and sutures, and for cosmetic or reconstructive facial surgery. Automotive industries use PTFE tubing as fuel evaporation lines, fuel rails and jumpers, and protective cases for accelerators, brakes, and clutch cables. In the electrical industry, PTFE tubing is the best kind of tubing for wiring harnesses and architectural applications. Fiber optics can stay strong and flexible while being stored in this type of tubing.
Tef-Cap, Inc. PTFE tubing in custom sizes and ratios that meet certain standards. This company also uses several secondary processes during manufacturing, including sealing, cuffing, flaring, cutting, slitting, etching, thermosetting, and stripping. This guarantees you will get the right style of PTFE tubing for your needs.
If you are interested in shopping for more from Tef-Cap, Inc., visit

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