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FEP tubing offers the most comprehensive covering solutions for metal and other materials. Its lower shrink temperature among other fluoropolymers is one of the reasons why  FEP covers are preferred over PTFE and PFA. It’s also easier to install for shielding purposes.

Why FEP probe covers?

When it comes to probe covers, the best options are those which are chemically inert. The main reason for using probe covers is to prevent their exposure to harsh environment. It is necessary that probe covers don’t pose this threat and put sensitive equipment at risk of damage.
FEP is not only inert, but also resistant to high temperature. Encapsulating expensive equipment in FEP probe covers not only protects them from physical and chemical damage, but also ensures a longer life.
FEP covers are particularly used to protect stainless steel Thermocouples as well as RTDs and other sensor based equipment. These are used in various industries, ranging from automotive and aerospace to medical and food industry.
Most often, clear FEP covers are manufactured and used for covering. However, colored probe covers may be requested for certain applications, or for color coding different probes and equipment.

Common applications of FEP probe covers

  • In automotive and other mechanical industries, these probe covers are used to protect hydraulic hose and couplings against abrasions.
  • These are also used as protective probe covers in corrosive environment. Several medical devices and instruments take advantage of this feature for applications exposing probes to corrosive conditions.
  • Various temperature probes and thermometers are also covered to protect their specificity and sensitivity for detection. This increases the life of these probes and ensures accuracy.
  • FEP probe covers provide anti-fouling and contamination resistant shields to probes in medical, food, chemical and paint industries. As FDA compliant tubing material, FEP probe covers are safe to use for these applications.
  • These covers are also used for identification of probes and RTDs, in addition to providing protection against physical and chemical damage.

Our FEP probe covers provide high temperature heat shrink solutions, protecting sensitive equipment and probes from damage. Using a proprietary method, we manufacture pinhole-free seals for smooth, round covers ends.
You can do the encapsulation yourself, or let us do it for you. Your probes and other equipment will be encapsulated and returned within a day or two.
Choose from our standard clear FEP probe covers or request for custom colors.