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PTFE Spiral Wrap • Spiral Cut Tubing

PTFE Spiral Wrap tubing is an expandable wrap that offers abrasion protection for wires, cables, hoses and tubing. PTFE Spiral Wrap Tubing allows for the highest temperature range of insulation within the spiral cut materials. It wraps tightly to wire and cable bundles, yet maintains its flexibility even when bent around tight turns. Wire harnessing, cabling and bundling work is simplified with the use of spiral wrap. Spiral Wrap Tubing allows for wire, cable and hose break-outs in any orientation, making it ideal for use on long continuous runs where many leads are required.

PTFE Spiral Wrap is chemically inert, non-flammable and not affected by corrosive solvents, harsh cleaners, or acids.

PTFE Spiral Wrap is engineered from Standard Industrial Wall PTFE Tubing.

Spiral Wrap Teflon
Spiral Wrap Ptfe
PTFE Spiral Wrap by Tef Cap

PTFE Spiral Wrap

Size ODSize IDWallBundle Dia.Pitch
5/161/4.0302 1/23/8

Durable PTFE Spiral Wrap Tubing In Different Sizes And Colors

Tef-Cap Industries provides PTFE spiral wrap tubing in a range of colors, customizable lengths and sizes. Our spiral cut cable wrap tubing is flexible and expandable, making it ideal for custom wiring projects that require periodic and frequent change.

Spiral Wrap is also available in Nylon and colors for easy identification.

Applicable Specifications: MIL-T-47287, ASTM D 3295.

Operating Temperature: up to 500 F.

Flammability: Self extinguishing

RoHS Compliant

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