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Heat Shrinkable FEP Roll Covers 1.25:1

Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers are specifically engineered to extend roller life and to eliminate roller build-up and picking. Shrinkable FEP Roll Covers are manufactured using a seamless FEP Tube and are used in a wide spectrum of industries, including textile, packing, printing, paper, photographic and food processing.

Various industries take advantage of Teflon FEP’s unique properties that include almost universal chemical resistance, zero moisture absorption, and the best anti-stick/release surface possible. Most materials will not adhere to FEP but even those that might “cling” to the surface can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Nothing will release adhesives and glues as well as FEP and no other surface prevents picking and build–up like FEP. Small Diameter FEP Roll Covers are great for preventing starch build-up on spray nozzles. FEP Roll Covers are manufactured from FDA approved resins which make them ideal for all food contact and processing.
Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers
Heat Shrinkable Teflon FEP Roll Covers are produced as a seamless tube with a .020-inch wall thickness for rollers ½ to 12 inches in diameter and lengths up to 10 feet. This unique process produces a cover with no surface imperfections and with significantly greater flex life, which is especially important on rubber rollers.

For roll cover applications where high temperature and/or pressure are encountered, it is suggested that the cover be etched and bonded to the roller. Etching FEP Roll Covers allows you to bond to almost any roller subsurface except for rollers that are manufactured from 100 % silicone. Rollers produced from all silicone require a special primer to prep the surface for bonding.

Shrinkable Teflon FEP Roll Covers

For applications that see operating temperatures ranging over 400°F shrinkable Roll Covers made from PFA resins that help increase the maximum temperature range up to a continuous operating temperature of 500°F. Please allow us to to quote any projects that you may have for PFA Roll Covers or for sleeves with heavier walls such as .040 or .060 thick.

Standard sizes and lengths of Roll Covers are in stock and available for next day or even same day shipping.

FEP Roll Covers

Nominal DiameterMin. Expanded IDMax. Recovered IDWallStock
1/2.550.440.020 +/- .003Special Order
5/8.700.540.020 +/- .003Special Order
3/4.800.640.020 +/- .003Special Order
7/8.950.760.020 +/- .003Special Order
11.100.880.020 +/- .003Special Order
1 1/41.3001.000.020 +/- .003
1 1/21.7001.300.020 +/- .003
22.1001.700.020 +/- .003
2 1/42.3002.000.020 +/- .003Special Order
2 1/22.6002.100.020 +/- .003
33.1002.600.020 +/- .003
3 1/23.6003.200.020 +/- .003
44.3003.500.020 +/- .003
55.2004.300.020 +/- .003
66.2005.200.020 +/- .003
77.2006.200.020 +/- .003
88.3007.200.020 +/- .003
99.2008.300.020 +/- .003
10 1/210.6009.200.020 +/- .003
1212.10010.600.020 +/- .003

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont

Heat Shrinkable Teflon FEP Roll Covers

Tef Cap’s Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers are easy to use and easy to install due to their low shrink ratio and size specific sleeves which helps to virtually eliminates wrinkling and bunching from excess material. Roll Covers manufactured from FEP Resins provide the best in corrosion protection and superior release properties.

Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers are the best in class when it comes to applications in the Pulp and Paper Industry on bowed, grooved and calendar rollers. In the Textile Industry roll covers are found on web spreading, finishing and laminating lines. FEP Roll Covers also save money on costly re-working of rollers. Reconditioning old rollers with FEP Sleeves in lieu of purchasing new roller assemblies.

Applications requiring larger diameter and abrasion resistant Heat Shrinkable FEP Roll Covers please contact a member of our customer support team.

FEP Roll Covers are easy to apply utilizing a commercial heat gun capable of 500°F – 750°F. A method of rotating the roller is also needed. In most applications, hand rotation of the roller, on its axis, is all that is required.

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