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Here Are 6 Common Types of Teflon Coating

Teflon coating is one of the most common forms of coating with a wide variety of industrial applications. With incredible heat resistance, dielectric stability and low coefficient of friction, the material is more than just about non-stick surfaces. Teflon coating can...
Outstanding benefits of PFA tubing

Outstanding benefits of PFA tubing

When it comes to transporting viscous liquids from one part of a facility to another, there isn’t a better option than PFA tubing. PFA is a lot similar to PTFE tubing in terms of characteristics and properties. But what’s the difference? And why do some laboratories...
Applications Of FEP Heat Shrink Probe Covers

Applications Of FEP Heat Shrink Probe Covers

FEP tubing offers the most comprehensive covering solutions for metal and other materials. Its lower shrink temperature among other fluoropolymers is one of the reasons why  FEP covers are preferred over PTFE and PFA. It’s also easier to install for shielding...