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FEP Lay Flat Heat Shrink Tubing

FEP Lay Flat Heat Shrink Tubing is a thin wall FEP sleeve that is manufactured from an FDA approved Fluoropolymer resin. With its thin wall, low shrink temperature and its light weight Lay Flat FEP tubing is ideal for covering delicate instruments and glass bulbs. Encapsulating T5 fluorescent light bulbs, T8 fluorescent light bulbs and T12 fluorescent light bulbs with FEP tubing ensures that any damage or breakage is contained within the tubing and will not cross contaminate from shattered glass. Medical and Food Industry benefit greatly from the use of these heat shrinkable sleeves and FEP Coated fluorescent light bulbs in their lighting applications.

Standard fluorescent bulbs sizes of T5 ( 5/8 ” diameter ) T8 ( 1.00 ” diameter ) T12 ( 1.50″ diameter ) can be covered and placed back into service in minutes. Lay Flat material comes in a standard .010 wall which provides enough material for protection while still keeping requirements for applications the need UV pass through.

FEP Lay Flat Heat Shrink Tubing
FEP Lay Flat Heat Shrink protected Fluorescent bulb

Key Properties of FEP Lay Flat :

Unaffected by UV light

Flame Rating : UL 94 VO

Will not yellow or crack over time

Applications up to 400º F

T5, T8,  and T12 Fluorescent bulbs

Can be used with Black Light Lamps

Manufactured from FDA approved & USP Class VI FEP Resins

PET Lay Flat Heat Shrink Tubing :

For applications that do not require the high temperature and physical properties of FEP Tubing a low cost PET ( Polyethylene Terephthalat ) Lay Flat tube can be used as a replacement.

PET Lay Flat Tubing has a lower shrink temperature, or recovery temperature then FEP Lay Flat , but still provides excellent protection of fluorescent light bulbs, solenoids, and batteries.

For lighting applications PET Tubing provides economical protection of Fluorescent bulbs without effecting the output of the light. UV resistant additives can be added to help increase the applications and life of the blub. Manufactured with a 2:1 expansion ratio and designed to fit standard T5 fluorescent light bulb, T8fluorescent light bulb, and T12 fluorescent light bulb.

PET Tubing can be produced in long continuous lengths up to 500 ft on a spool which will help reduce waste and increase production.