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PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating is one of the most common types of industrial coating. From chemical processing to electrical insulation, the fluoroplastic material has got a variety of applications.

History of PTFE

Experimenting on materials to be used as refrigerants, Roy Plunkett stumbled upon this discovery in 1938. While measuring the amount of gas in the bottle, he began to explore what accounted for the weight when the bottle was empty. Inside the bottle’s interiors, he finally found a waxy white material that was then named Polytetrafluoroethylene.
It did not take long for the discoverer to convert this material into blocks. Later on, these blocks were turned into molds to produce various shapes. Finally, with aqueous dispersion and powder grades, this material began to be used as a coating substance in a wide variety of industries.  

Application in Aviation Industry

PTFE is incredible for the aviation industry because of its unique properties such as low co-efficient of friction, low dielectric constant, and inflammability.
Another quality that makes PTFE coating vital for aviation industry is its temperature resistance. It has the ability to retain physical properties at temperatures between -195 degrees Celsius to +260 degrees Celsius. Here are some examples of PTFE coating at work in the aerospace industry:

Aircraft Wings

PTFE is an essential material that is used frequently in airplane’s components. For instance, it is used in the production of leading edges of the wings of an airplane—the flaps that are responsible for slowing it down during landing.
This is made possible by the low co-efficient of friction of the material. Moreover, PTFE coating ensures that the aluminum rod is adequately shielded, minimizing the effect that increased vibration could have caused.

Electrical Connectors

Owing to the importance of plug and play in the air, electrical connectors have become a sort of necessity. They need extremely low abrasion resistance values, which is provided by PTFE coating.

Fuel Systems

Another application of PTFE coating in the aerospace industry is fuel systems. It is applied in both inline and refueling parts to ensure that everything remains safe and sound when the plane is in the air.
Some of the other applications of PTFE coating in aircrafts include:

  • Air bearings
  • Electric harness parts
  • Control surfaces
  • Electronic device trays
  • Tank fuel seals
  • Throttle box seals
  • Arming components

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