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PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer that is typically opaque or ivory white. It is manufactured through free-radical polymerization of multiple tetrafluoroethene molecules. The exceptional properties of PTFE make it perfect for a number of different applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing along with food and beverage processing.
Even though we maintain a diverse variety of PTFE tubing products, they can be custom manufactured in any size and shape. Moreover, they can also be modified to boost certain characteristics like strength and resistance.

Properties of PTFE

If you are looking for a material that is highly resistant to heat, chemical reactions and electricity, while also displays an exceptionally low coefficient of frictions, you need PTFE.
PTFE has a dramatically high melting point (almost 327 degree Celsius). However, it is thermally stable enough to be used between temperatures ranging between 260 degree Celsius and -200 degree Celsius. The fluoropolymer is also highly insoluble in chemicals due its chemically inert characteristics. It can withstand the harsh conditions created by most acids and bases.
Other important properties of PTFE include:

  • Dielectric strength
  • Exceptional flexural strength (even in low temperatures)
  • High resistance to electricity
  • Highly resistant to water due to high electro-negativity of fluorine
  • High density
  • A significantly low coefficient of friction

The truth is, apart from a few chemicals, the only thing that needs to be considered when using PTFE is high energy radiation which can quickly break down PTFE molecules.

Benefits of PTFE

The most important benefits of PTFE include its wide variety of applications across different industries.
Apart from tubing or handling chemicals, the versatile characteristics of this fluoropolymer make it perfect for coating bearings, screws, and any other sliding machinery.
Take the example of a PTFE coated screw. It is able to repel oil and water, is inherently lubricated due to the coating which makes it easy to drive into a surface. At the same time, the low coefficient of friction results in lesser wear and a long lasting surface.
Similarly, friction can be an important factor with bearings. It can experience the same benefits as with screws, and also benefit from exceptional heat resistance.
Parts that are long lasting and resistance to heat, at the same time resistant to corrosion can contribute to the long life of machinery.
Ready to explore your options with PTFE tubing? Check out our collection of PTFE heat shrink tubing and get in touch to learn more about our services.