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Magisterial Properties of PTFE Tubing: TefCap

Being used as an electronic insulator for high temperature applications and corrosive environments, PTFE Tubing often referred as Polytetrafluoroethylene has been playing an incredible role in operations of various industries since its inception in 1950. Normally, there are different types of operations and activities that are carried for long hours in industries and due to regular wear there are chances of their damaging due to high temperature. Use of PTFE tubes help in smooth functioning of various operation without damaging the wires that make the flow of electronic, chemical and gaseous elements in industries.
Teflon Tubing
The major features of PTFE are referred below:
  • It supports low coefficient of friction for all types of fluoropolymers;
  • It can be chemically sterilized;
  • It is self lubricant and water resistant; and is
  • Developed to Mil -I- 23053/12
Now, the question might rise that why PTFE tubes are used for various industrial operation rather than tubes that are made from metal or carbon despite of same type of polymer that is used for developing such tubes. Well, an answer to this question in simple words is that these tubes are capable of operating at extreme temperature up-to 680 degree Fahrenheit. This exclusive property of teflon PTFE tubing is further enhanced with integration of additional feature of dielectric consistency. Moving ahead combination of ultra violet and radiation properties these tubes are preferred by all types of industries. It would be interested to know that heat shrinkable PTFE tubing is easy to remove from the objects on which it is installed and does not get stick on them.
Heat Shrink Fluoropolymers
The tubing system can be use for covering tube shafts, radio market bands and on all those products which despite of having thin layers require strong protective sheet to cover them. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned about this tubing system is that as it is widely used in different industries depending upon the type of operations performed by them it would be better to keep your requirement in concern because depending upon the nature of different industries there are different types of fluoropolymer tubes installed in these industries.
Today, there are various online stores which expertise in offering you wide range of such tubes depending upon your requirement at competitive price.


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