PTFE vs FEP Tubing Optical Comparison

FEP Tubing and PTFE Tubing, which is often referred to as Teflon Tubing are manufactured in various forms and colors but are primarily produced using Natural colored resin. Clear FEP or Natural FEP Tubing is an optically clear fluoropolymer which is highly transparent and UV resistant.  FEP is produced through a melt-process using conventional injection molding and screw extrusion.

PTFE Tubing although sometime see through is not considered a transparent tube. Natural PTFE resins are milky white in color and can range from semitransparent to opaque in color depending upon resin manufacturer. Some resin and extrusion manufacturers will describe PTFE as “WHITE” tubing even though pigments have not been added.

Visual Comparison

The images to the left show samples of both FEP and PTFE Tubing. Both items are 1/2″ (ID) Industrial Wall Tubes with a .030″ wall thickness. You can cleary see the Milky White color of the Natural PTFE Tube on the bottom. PFA tubing will also give visual results that are equal to that of FEP Tubing however Ultra High Purity PFA  and resins such as MFA will allow for even greater optical clarity.

Optical Clarity : FEP vs PTFE

Copper FEP & PTFE
FEP on Copper
PTFE on Copper