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Value Added Services

Using the knowledge and leadership of its founder John F. Walls, Tef-Cap Industries prides itself on not only being a Tubing supplier to the world but also a one stop shop for all your Teflon coating and secondary processes.

Tef-Cap’s secondary capabilities help customers:

Shorten down times on costly machines
Eliminate waste
Lower material costs
Improve efficiency

Most importantly allowing Tef-Cap to perform these value added services can:

Improve Your Bottom Line.

Cuffed PTFE Tubing

Cuffing PTFE at our location allows customers to receive a flexible Teflon conduit that they can use right out of the box. Convoluted Tubing is supplied with standard fractional cuff ID’s or can be customized to adapt to metric or custom barb fittings.
FEP Heat Shrink Tubing / FEP Heat Shrinkable Tubing 1.6:1

Shrinking PTFE FEP & PFA

Shrinking PTFE, FEP & PFA Tubing can be very time consuming and often lead to long down times. Tef Cap can help reduce down time on equipment and eliminate employee error by performing this process in house.

FEP Encapsulation

Teflon Encapsulation

Tef Cap’s extensive knowledge and in-house equipment ensure that your probes are properly Teflon Encapsulated and completely protected from the elements. Thermometers, Thermocouples, Probes and RTD’s all benefit from the protection offered by FEP and PFA Probe Covers and Encapsulation.
Tef Cap Probe Covers

Sealing FEP & PFA

Sealing Teflon FEP and PFA Tubing is ideal for costly probes and sensors in harsh environments. Probe Covers offer complete protection from corrosive fluids and vapors that would otherwise destroy exposed sensors and sensor elements.

Custom Extrusions on PTFE FEP PFA Tubing

Custom Extrusions

With tight tolerances and the ability to cut in line Tef Cap gives the customers the parts and quality that they deserve. Specializing in Custom Extrusions and Heat Shrink tubing with low minimum runs.
Coiled FEP Tubing


Thermosetting Teflon FEP , PFA and PTFE so that it maintains its desired shape. Thermosetting allows Tef Cap to create a one of a kind custom Coiled and Retractable tube for heat exchangers and water or air dispensers.


Etching Fluoropolymers is the only true way to help improve the bond between Teflon Tubing and its mating parts without sacrificing the mechanical properties of the tubing.
Slit PTFE Convo Tubing


Cutting / Slitting Convoluted PTFE or FEP Tubing longitudinally so that pre-existing wire harnesses can be slipped into the tube for easy assembly or installation when parts cannot be removed from existing machines.

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