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When it comes to transporting viscous liquids from one part of a facility to another, there isn’t a better option than PFA tubing. PFA is a lot similar to PTFE tubing in terms of characteristics and properties.
But what’s the difference? And why do some laboratories and industrial facilities prefer PFA tubing over other options? Here are some of the exceptional benefits of PFA tubing that make it the first choice for many industries:

Exceptional Pressure Resistance

When it comes to identifying the usability of tubing, pressure remains to be one of the most important concerns.
Pressure also helps realize the degree of safety that needs to be practiced when handling chemically active or hazardous liquids. PFA tubing guarantees ensures exceptional resistance even under large amounts of pressure. Even with this property, PFA tubing can be melted and reshaped for added convenience.

Reliable Temperature Stability

Working with chemicals or liquids also means that temperature comes into play. While one test may call for temperature to be set as high as 150 degree Celsius, another test could require taking that down to below freezing temperatures. However, most materials begin to deform, crystallize, or corrode under such extreme conditions.
Fortunately, PFA tubing resists extreme temperatures with ease. It can retain its shape and characteristics anywhere between -70 and 260 degree Celsius.

Relatively Lower Coefficient Of Friction

At times, even negligible amounts of impurities in tubing can lead to dramatic rises in friction, inevitably leading to errors and complications. However, this isn’t the case with PFA tubing. The formula used to manufacture PFA tubing ensures the lowest amount of friction. The surface of PFA tubing is barely porous, meaning that only small amounts of materials will be absorbed in the materials.

Useful Electric Qualities

Apart from handling hazardous and active liquids, PFA tubing can also be used as covering for electrical wires due to its unparalleled resistance to heat and low absorption characteristics. From valve linings to cable coatings, PFA tubing proves to be the perfect option for a number of different applications. With the right application, any insecurities over melting, damage or leakages can be eliminated.
PFA tubing also costs much less than many other options, making it the perfect combination of efficiency and affordability. Whether you are looking forward to large scale industrial application or to use it in laboratories, make sure you purchase PFA tubing from a reliable source.
Get in touch with us today to learn more about our PTFE and PFA tubing products.