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Installation of PTFE tube has become an indispensable activity for every organization to conduct operating activities smoothly and protect the web of wires from any kind of accident. Often, known as polytetrafluoroethylene, in the beginning the PTFE was used only in specific industries. However it was back in 1950, because going through its versatility, soon became an integral part of almost every industry especially in aerospace where it is used in filling fuel in aircraft, tubing hoses , hydraulic hose, protecting doors and making easy assembling of aluminum and other metals followed by complete protection from any kind of damage.
Interestingly, the use of the Teflon PTFE tubing in aircraft is not stagnated only upto the above mentioned activities but, is also used in various applications for instance in edges of wings mounted on the aircraft. The low coefficient of friction feature found in it, which makes the aluminum rod installed in wings flap and slat smoothly while landing. Moving ahead, the Teflon PTFE starts acting as sheet of protection at the time when an aircraft lands. In absence of this fluoropolymer plastic, it is possible that aluminum rod might break during landing when it is starts coordinately with other wings.

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The Teflon PTFE tubing system is not only used in aerospace industry but as mentioned above it is also used in various other industries in different form depending upon their requirement. In this regard it would be important to talk about PTFE spiral cut tubing for aircraft which plays an important role to cover the wires and cables and also used in other industries because of features like heat resistance, protection from abrasion and insulation. In spiral format, the PTFE tubes becomes expandable moving in upward and downward direction protecting the bunch of wires from abrasion which might take place due to heat.
The flexibility of Convoluted PTFE Tubing makes the smooth movement of wires bounded in bunch in any direction at an ease without any damage. The integration of features like chemical resistant, heat resistant and moisture resistant makes them a perfect option for various industries.


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